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Canva Uses

Canva is a practical design tool used in schools and Businesses to make projects. These projects not only impress kids but also teach them the fundamentals of digital design.
It is a free tool that is very helpful for every digital designer. Students and teachers may work on photo editing, design layout, and other tasks on an intuitive platform with the help of this free tool.
Students can also submit their projects using this tool, which can help them develop their creative problem-solving skills. Furthermore, teachers can design posters and get instructions by using this tool.

What is Canva?

Canva is a graphic designing tool that makes digital designing the most superficial. As a result, setting up an account is simple, and using the iOS or Android apps or a web browser both function just fine.
Canva enables image editing and project-based learning by using a simple drag-and-drop user interface, which is suitable even for younger kids. This tool allows you to find a wide range of potential applications in the classroom. These applications start from group brainstorming to individual project development.
Here you will see more than 250,000 themes available, making your starting and progressing reasonably easy, especially for those new to the platform. Stock pictures, films, and graphics are also accessible, with hundreds of thousands of alternatives from which to choose. All of these figures increase if you make a payment.

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How Does Canva Work?

It is elementary to use Canva. You can simply sign up for Canva using your Google, Facebook, or email account. Also, you can select whether you’re using your account as a teacher, student, or something else. Searching on this platform will be more accessible due to the experience being tailored to your needs.
A session that tries to expand the range of students’ digital skills could centre on teaching them how to utilize Canva. But due to its simple use, it should only take a short time.
Numerous templates on Canva allow the students to work with a design and make their alterations. As a result, students may concentrate on the subject without wasting time or effort learning how to use the tool.
Making a poster will first provide templates on the left, followed by the primary picture you can edit on the right.

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Features Of Canva.

Canva has many features, but many of them are targeted at educators. Before we continue, it’s important to note that Canva automatically saves. This feature of Canva is fantastic for instructors and students because it decreases the anxiety of losing their work.

Here you will find some practical sub-tools in addition to the templates, which help give any presentation, poster, or image additional impact. The graph templates are a terrific approach to support students in math and science classes by enabling presentations.

The significant feature of this tool is; Canva for Education, which enables the teachers to create a virtual classroom, invite the students and work together on a project. With the help of video chat technology, it can be utilized in the classroom or remotely. Simply share the slides with the class as you go, and link Zoom to the current screen.

Main Features.

1: Ability to use templates or create designs from scratch.

2: Capability of including text and photos in designs.

3: Several images and fonts to select.

4: Possibility of sharing and storing your designs.

5: An easy-to-use interface that makes designing simple.

Canva Cost.

Canva is free both for personal use and in the classroom. While that provides a wide range of tools and functions, a Canva Pro or Enterprise membership is required to access more. 

  • With Canva Free, you can access over 250,000 templates, 100+ design types, millions of images and graphics, collaboration tools, and 5GB of cloud storage.
  • With Canva Pro, you can use all the free features, brand kit upload options, one-click Magic Resize for images, over 420,000 templates, 75 million photos, videos, graphics, and saved designs for team use. 

Tips Of Canva.

Canva has numerous tips and tricks for users. These are mentioned below.

1: Lesson Plans

You can use Canva to layout lessons for yourself as a teacher and share this with students so they can plan accordingly.

2: Student Profiles

Build the portfolio of students so that they can see how they progress throughout the year.

3: Collaboration 

You can collaborate and work together due to the 10 members in a project.

4: Graphics Of Chat

It is beneficial for math and science. It displays data in charts and graphs.

Ways To Use Canva For Social Media.

1: Facebook Cover Photos

The audience will see your cover photo first when they click on your profile. The unique and wonderful cover photo makes an unforgettable impression on the audience. This will promote your brand or products. 

Canva has several free Facebook Cover Templates that professionals design. You can select your favourite and make it accordingly.

2: Branded Images

Canva makes branded images for users. You can make the images according to your brand and put them

on your social media accounts.

3: Pinterest Graphics

Pinterest is a website that pins the posts of other blogs. As a brand, you wish your website would be the hub of online presence, and you want people to pin your blog posts on their Pinterest board.

Canva includes thousands of Pinterest graphics in several shapes and designs that allow you to create a plan of your choice.

4: Reviews 

One of the critical principles that marketers use is social proofing. This social proofing increases the number of customers. This social proofing is known as reviews. 

Canva offers you to design reviews according to your brand and choice. You must choose a template of your requirements and then customize the graphics according to your brand.

5: Instagram Stories

With more than 1 billion users, Instagram has potential customers; you must invest your time in Instagram story marketing.

Canva offers several Instagram story templates that have a polished impact on your marketing effort. Also, you can save time by using templates.


Free, Pro, and Enterprise are three plans that are available for Canva.

Freelancers producing 10-15 designs monthly will benefit from the free edition. You can access thousands of free images and graphics, 8000+ free templates, and more than 100+ designs in this free version.

The Pro Plan will work better if you produce more photographs for yourself or your clients. More than 420,000 layouts, 75 million graphics, pictures, stock images, videos, and several other services are available. Brand kit, a feature for keeping brand assets, stands out.

Agencies and businesses with large teams should go for the Enterprise Plan. You get limitless storage, access to several brand kits, and design workflows.

Generic Photos and Templates.

canva for creative ideas

Millions of photos and thousands of templates are available on Canva. They look fantastic and seem superior to many of the commonplace free items. However, they sometimes have a somewhat generic appearance.
Making something unique is difficult. You might discover more distinctive templates and images on design resource websites like Free Pick and Adobe Stock.
However, Canva is more cost-effective because it offers more high-quality free images and premium ones for just 12.95$ per month.

Photo Editor.

Canva includes photo editing capabilities but lacks the power of programs like Photoshop. Get Photoshop if you work with more photographs, or use Canva and Lightroom together.

Additional Information.

  • Ready-Made Designs

Canva is the best graphic designing tool that is very helpful for graphic designers. Here we are talking about the designs in Canva. Canva offers ready-made designs to users. They can select their favourite design and make it according to their business or brand. Here you have the benefit of thousands of templates, images, and quality content that you can utilize. You can also edit your videos according to these designs.

  • Teamwork

Canva is the best tool that is mainly launched for helping people. Canva is built for teamwork. Here you can also work as a team and make a proper team for you. You can invite people from all around the world. These people can edit with you, and you can work together. You can set your team up for managing brand assets and getting approvals.

  • Sharing

Canva allows you to share your designs. It lets your design stand out in the real world, whether creating a new website or creating a new custom poster. 


It is one of the most popular DIY design tools. 

Creating photos for your website, presentation, and social media channels provides a vast library of unique templates and layouts.

However, every software is not flawless.

Poor print quality and overused templates that seem to be everywhere are two factors mentioned by users searching for Canva Substitutes.

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